Where can i buy tickets?

Presale tickets for Friday night are not available. They are sold at the gate only.
Presale tickets for Saturday night are available at the following locations through 6/7. After this, you will be able to buy them at the gate.
Country Station, Goodhue, MN
Hay Creek Campground & Saloon, Hay Creek, MN
Kevin’s Service, Red Wing, MN
The Guilty Goose, Zumbrota, MN
J & S Repair, Zumbrota, MN

Are lawn chairs allowed in the dance?

Yes, you can bring in a lawn chair. Best place for it is the East side in front of the bleachers.

Is there seating available in the dance?

Yes, there are two bleachers provided. Otherwise you can bring your own lawn chair and place it in front of the bleachers.

Is there any camping available?

There isn’t anything formal at the venue itself. The City opens restrictions for the weekend so you can camp on the side of any town road however you wont have power or utilities unless you know the homeowner your parking at and pull off them. If you do this, please note the Parade route and don’t park on it or you will be required to move it Sunday morning.

There are also a couple campgrounds in the area.
– Hay Creek Campground
– Shades of Sherwood

How much does the Parade cost?

Our parade is free of charge. We just want anyone and everyone interested to participate and make it a grand parade for everyone!

Can i throw things or hand stuff out in the Parade?

Yes, you are welcome to throw candy or hand out whatever you would like.

Are bags provided for the Bean Bag Tournament? Can i use my own?

Yes, bags are provided and no, you can’t use your own. Everyone uses the same kind of bags.

How do i sign up for the Parade?

Go to the parade page and use the registration link at the bottom.