Goodhue Volksfest has been around since 1983 when the Goodhue Jaycees first sponsored the festival. They wanted to bring the community together for some good ole small town family fun and games. Through the Goodhue Jaycees, Goodhue Community Fund, and many other local businesses and organizations we are still around today to entertain you all, and to that we are all happy to do so!! To keep it all going though, we count on you all to attend and support the various events!

The City of Goodhue might not be much larger than it was in 1983 but the festival sure is. The Goodhue Jaycees have been bringing in national performers since 2011 for our Street Dances and they have no intentions on stopping anytime soon. We call it a Street Dance because you guessed it, we close down main street and have it right in the heart of downtown. At the beginning some performers would sound check and tell us, “There is no way you will fill that street tonight. Where will they all even come from?” but we just said, “You wait and see. We will fill it before you know it.” They take stage and see the view from center stage, nothing but a packed main street of YOU excited fans and they instantly fall in love with us. Have asked some performers years later and they still remember us, small town Goodhue, MN out of all the shows they have played because you are an unforgettable crowd and we are an unforgettable venue. So come on back and let us entertain you again!





PO Box 202, Goodhue, MN 55027